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Many of the martial arts techniques that are taught at Ghost Bear Martial Academy are derived from the martial arts system "Mongoose-Within-A-Circle", which was developed by Grandmaster Yuen Khan.   

                       Grandmaster  Khan based this system not only on his life-long intensive training and experience in a variety of combative arts, but on his experiences operating world-wide in a variety of high-risk situations.  Primarily based on the teaching and wisdom of the ancient Chinese Taoist monastery,  Mongoose-Within-A-Circle incorporates a wide variety of techniques from several martial arts dynamics. Grandmaster Khan believed that no system was complete within itself, so sought to integrate field-tested techniques culled from many of these martial arts.  We  utilize practical aspects of Iron Fist, Iron Palm,  Wu Chang (Dim Mak), Shaolin Chin Na, Aikido, and various types of 'kung fu' systems. He modified many of these techniques even further to apply to continuously changing (and progressively more dangerous) real world environments. 

                       Master Yue Fei continues to modify this system based on his own experiences.   Over the years, he has added techniques to this system, and modified existing techniques to apply to ever- changing societal dynamics. As our understanding grows and changes with experience and continuously increasing knowledge, we apply these new realizations and personal discoveries to our martial practice (both internally and in application). 


We use these simple, field-tested tactics to  efficiently and decisively gain control over a  potentially dangerous situation. We focus not on  fighting, but surviving. Our training is not approached with a 'sport' mindset- we are focused on dealing with a situation quickly and with no hesitation. This applies equally if our response is  engaging an attacker with full focus and intention, or (if it is an option), simply avoiding a potentially dangerous situation in the first place. Using your brain and employing common sense is perhaps the strongest weapon in your self-defense arsenal.   Temper action with wisdom!


                         We train to capitalize on the structural weaknesses and vulnerabilities of  the human body (joints, nerve centers, critical targets such as the throat and eyes). We train to use an attacker's momentum and aggression to our advantage, utilizing the attack as a resource rather than trying to outfight a potentially (physically) stronger opponent. All the techniques are fueled
 by using our whole body, integrated with strong low center, circular motion, leverage and correct breathing, to generate enhanced power and quickness.  The techniques are more rooted in basic physiology and applied physics, rather than anything mystical or 'knowable by only a secret few'. In many
ways, our approach is as much martial science, as martial art.

               With the learning of such potentially damaging techniques also comes a great deal of responsibility. We do not learn these disabling techniques as a sport, or to use them violently without reason. No matter how skilled one may become, keep in mind that there is always 'someone better'. To use one's skills out of anger, arrogance, and lack of control is not only irresponsible, but a good way to        
ncounter that 'someone better'.

               If you maintain self-confidence and self-control, you are better able to operate in an effective manner not only in the face of a physical threat, but in every aspect of your life.

 * This is a link to an article Master Yue Fei wrote on his blogsite pertaining to martial arts philosophy, in particular the Warrior Path:




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