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Warrior  Path

  The Wa
rrior Path is a way of re-connecting with our 'warrior within'.  This is not only developing the ability to face personal danger and threats to our survival;  it is also about building internal strength, self discipline, and perseverance.  The Warrior Path aids us in being true to our Self,  and to strengthen our well-being on all levels.
                                                In this program, we connect with ancient Warrior philosophies and virtues:   Honor, Integrity, Perseverance, and Courage, to name just a few. These are virtues that can be applied to every aspect of our lives, not just in a martial context.  

                                                                     WEAPONS AND TACTICS


                    We train with a variety of Indo-European/ Proto-Indo-European weapons not only in a martial context, but as a way to further condition ourselves mentally and physically.  Master Yue Fei  realized that many ancient/ pre-industrial age weapons integrate very easily with unarmed martial arts dynamics.  Over the years he has developed techniques and training paradigms utilizing these weapons as a further way to understand martial arts on every level. Weapons used include spear, axe, long sword, short sword, shield and sword/axe/spear, 'rogue' two-daggers, and war hammer.   Practicality issues aside, training with these weapons greatly enhances overall understanding of martial science, and the psychology of personal defense and combat.  Learning how to effectively fight with a spear  against an opponent armed with a sword and shield, for instance, brings our understanding of unarmed martial tactics, and our practical efficiency with these techniques, to a heightened level.  Everyone who participates in this aspect of Warrior Path training also finds it quite enjoyable!  We use such unconventional training programs to expand our awareness on all levels. We do not 'think outside the box'.  There is no box.....

                        FEAR TRAINING

             Just as in our regular martial arts program, we use the element of fear as a valuable tool in our Warrior Path training. When a student has achieved a  basic understanding of the principles, and can demonstrate basic application of these techniques, they are put in a position of having to face the element of fear and danger.    We achieve this with various tools: blind-folding, high-stress,  multiple opponents, projection of aggressive, negative energy and very dark intention.  We do not do this to just frighten a student, or to manipulate them psychologically. We do this to allow them to face their own internal fears head-on, without any filters, so that they can overcome them.  
                          Through this realistic (and , for some, terrifying) dynamic, a person can turn fear into a source of courage; turn perceived weakness into strength; and to achieve awareness of their greater potential
It is yet another tool we use to achieve self-empowerment.  This level of training is on a case-by-case basis, and no fear training is initiated without a consultation with Master Yue Fei . A student can be assured that safety protocols are strictly observed, and personal respect and consideration of the student is a high standard that we adhere to. 

                              Here is a link to a blog Master Yue Fei wrote about Self Mastery and the perception of fear


                                      WARRIOR PATH MEDITATION

                                       The understanding of proper breathing, and strengthening oneself internally, is an important aspect of Warrior Path training.   Just as in the martial arts programs, we begin our training with meditation exercises to achieve focus, internal calmness, and awareness.
                         We also undertake various meditation dynamics beyond what we do in the regular training.  A student may undertake more in-depth meditation training if they choose to (after consulting with Master Yue Fei, so he can customize a meditation program specifically for that student).  These utilize visualization, more advanced techniques, and are more complex. Over the years, Master Yue Fei has done extensive research into many ancient cultural traditions, and has incorporated many aspects into both the martial training, and our meditation practices.
These internal exercises integrate with, and complement, the physical aspects of the Warrior Path (weapons skills, tactical understanding, and battle psychology). 

                   With our Warrior Path meditation, we primarily integrate many aspects of ancient Indo-European/ Proto Indo-European 'warrior-centric' cultures. Given Master Yue Fei's lifelong practice of  Asian martial arts, the ancient Asian influence is of course also present.   We use dynamics from the Celts (including the Gauls and ancient Irish), the Scythians (ancient Eurasian Steppes culture),  the Mongols, and even paleo/shamanic methods from a variety of sources (including Siberian).
  These are all integrated into a rich, in-depth meditative path and visualization exercise that allow a student to re-connect with their Ancient Warrior within.  Such powerful meditative journeys allow a student to achieve a greater understanding of their fears and weaknesses; and their strengths and  true intentions.             

                 "If you know the enemy and know yourself,
               you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."
            - Sun Tzu, 'The Art of War'














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